What Is Success

Yes, I’ve been successful, but in pursuing my goals I have also fallen flat on my face. Those disappointments may have discouraged me for a moment, but ultimately, tough times, pain, and even despair taught me valuable lessons. Ok, here’s my point: Over the last few years, I learned, I am my greatest asset! AndRead More

Encouraging You Today

If I could say one thing to encourage you today it’s this: Remember, a key ingredient for success is the ability to believe in yourself so much so that you can see yourself where you desire to be! So, DREAM, THINK BIG, LEAP, BELIEVE, but most of all, SEE YOURSELF THERE!  Then go forward onRead More

Stop Underestimating Yourself

“What is the most dangerous creature on the face of this planet? Over four decades ago I was asked that question After I went through every dangerous creature I knew of She said “Are you finish This creature has no claws or paws The most dangerous creature on this planet is A Black Man withRead More

What is the Art in Heaven

All things are always open for interpretation What is the Art in Heaven When Jesus said Our Father who art in Heaven Was he saying Our Fathers who’s Drawings are in Heaven (T)His Story was meant to be Remember Forever It shall be written Itshelbydunn.com Duane A. Garrett Sr.