Making A Good Plan

Now today, after many months of trying to get back to a past desired path (plan), I’ve finally realized how critical my elders advice was to my progression as well as the fulfillment of my prior vision. The dips, curves, and sink holes in life were simply there for continued guidance. Once I stopped lookingRead More

A New Attitude

With twist, turns, ups, downs, sickness, death, disappointment, and so often, very few in my corner to lift me when I found myself lacking that “self-starter – go-get-it” drive most are accustomed to seeing me function from, I lost sight of the plan. Frustrated and overwhelmed, I found myself trapped in a past plan…looking forRead More

Spoken to be Heard

Wiii speak for all the things that cannot speak for itself First and Foremost Wiii do this for The Queens of Time Ivy Lily Isys Miry One Face Many Name IY will always be with Miii It shall be written Duane A. Garrett Sr.

Telling A Story

So one discussion question could be, What does it take to make a general story your own story? This story was in my head for 40 years but it took my father’s memory to help me turn it into my own family story. I had to believe it before I could narrate it. Are thereRead More