Foods That Cause Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal process of the body that protects the body from damage by killing pathogens, initiating tissue repair processes, and helping to restore homeostasis at infected sites. Short, temporary inflammatory responses are called acute inflammatory responses, while a long-term state of inflammation is called chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation occurs with the loss of regulationRead More

Daily Prayer

Father God, it is I, your child. I am desirous to sit in your presence. I only ask that you incline your ear to hear the very heart of me at this precise moment. Here I am Lord. Early I rise seeking your guidance. I am in need of more of you. Hear thy servantsRead More

The Scorpions Sting of Death

For 6000 years, He and She with the Power of the Tree now Itym’s Cane continued to walk the Earth giving names to all of the beast that they had conquered walking upright and honorable, bringing Peace on Earth, commanding Itym to write man’s Past, Present and Future in the stars, to teach the childrenRead More

Who “IY(Eye)AM”

IY created the week to make you strong so that you may know the difference between right and wrong The Days of the week but not in Greek 1 Sunday for the Sun 2 Monday for the Moon 3 Tuesday for the 2 created on this Earth (He & She) 4 Wednesday for the FourRead More