Being the Best You

Today, I encourage you to pour into YOURSELF FIRST! That is not a selfish act, in fact, it is an act of love for God, yourself, and others God calls you to serve. Embrace the Pouring! Embrace self-love! Embrace Yourself! I love you! Have a magnificent day! Posted by Stacie

A Prayer for You

My prayer for you today is that you embrace each season as it comes. Additionally, do not be afraid to ask for help. We all need help through difficult situations sometimes. Do not allow noise to cloud the silence you may need (but not want). It may be in the silence that you find peace andRead More

Want to Eat Less Junk Food?

Many people struggle with portion control. But even if you can’t tell a golf ball from a deck of cards when it comes to rice, beans, or a burger, researchers have found another way you can control your portions, especially when eating guilty pleasures like pasta and dessert. The trick: Serve yourself. You know theRead More