The Book of Spiritual Solution

The Book of Spiritual Solution Cuts through all Religious Pollution This Book of Time left in Known Space Was written by the Progenitor of the Human Race Now I tell the story that was told to me About He, She and The First Tree It shall be written Duane A. Garrett Sr.

From My Perspective

Most men aren’t God fearing!!! Which means the majority of Men love to chase tail to please their flesh!!! Once they’ve repeatedly conquered and polluted your “territory” they’re ready for the next quest A.K.A. #Victim!!! Which is why women shouldn’t be quick to jump into bed with a guy!!! I can’t say this loud enough…Read More

Martin’s Dream

Here’s to you Dr. Martin Luther King To some people the name don’t mean a thing He led the march for our civil rights Which often led him to sleepless nights They thought if they put a bullet in his head Kill the man the cause would be dead There is one thing they couldRead More

Good Posture Can Stave Off Depression

More than 40 million U.S. adults suffer from anxiety and depression. Although many of the disorders that stem from anxiety and depression are treatable, only about a third of people struggling with mental health issues actually receive treatment, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. However, a new study said many of depression’s symptomsRead More