Hand of Glory Hand of Power

We come together in the day light Hour Together we can do this work all Night Guided by A Living Light This Earth was created to be our Pearl Your falsehood must depart this World And with each Flood She will confound All your falsehoods back into the ground With One History throughout the LandRead More


The Science connecting History and Astrology Monday the Second Day of Time The morning of the Second day, I¥ said, “Let us pull a blanket of darkness over our Sun so that he may sleep”. I¥ then called the darkness into being and I¥ created a Moon, brother to our Sun, so that he wouldRead More

Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys

Our Mission & Vision The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys is a tuition-free Episcopal school for children from traditionally underserved communities. The School nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, social-emotional, artistic and physical development of its students in a Christian community of learners that welcomes boys of all faiths and beliefs. Working in close partnership with students and families,Read More

Satan’s M.O.

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. – C. S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters Jewish rabbis called Satan Kategor. It sounds a lot like our word categorize, doesn’t it? Categorize means to separate or divide. Satan accomplishes this with specific tools – the sameRead More

Leaving Justice to God

There is definitely a tension when it comes to forgiving others who have wronged you. In some cases, the other person won’t want peace. Instead, they will elevate conflict… and if there isn’t any conflict, they will try to create it. For others, you may be saying, “That person does not need reconciliation. That personRead More


Before the beginning and after the end of what you call time, I¥(Eye) will exist. I¥ AM Infinity, an Ever Living Vortex of Light but I¥ AM like no other Light. I¥ AM so bright and so intense that nothing can escape this Light not even darkness. When nothing existed, I¥ did. Within the centerRead More

The Best I Can Be

I strive to be kind even when others are not so kind to me.  I get angry but work diligently to think good thoughts for it is NOT my desire to act as others do, viciously tearing one another down.  Although, I must admit, I am just as much capable of destructive behaviors and violence asRead More

Prayer For Today

Lord, I simply honor and bless You for being who You are! Thank You for Your great love towards me. Thank You for keeping, shielding and protecting me. Thank You for knowing exactly what I need and when. Thank You for affording me the opportunity to be reconciled into right relationship with You. Lord YouRead More