The Cycle of Behavior

The Cycle of Behavior The Cycle of Behavior The Cycle of Behavior (Part One) The Cycle of Behavior (Part One)   The CoB is one of many but certainly one of the most important performance enhancement tools within the S.P.E.A.R. System. In self-defense we cannot train for peak performance since we do not know whatRead More

Simple 7 Min Beginner Workout

Hey Sixpack-Shortcutters, What’s up! In this episode, I will be using assistance from one of my friends. Meet Bryan, who is currently a workout newbie. I’ve prepared a good little workout for individuals just like him that are complete newbies. So if you fall under this category, or would just like to follow along thenRead More

Gym vs Calisthenics

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Four years ago, Cassie Haynes Grassia was about 250 lb. and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. “I was not that happy of a person,” she says. Today, things are different. Grassia stumbled upon CrossFit in 2009. Now she is one of the leading athletes at CrossFit Center City in Philadelphia. “It’s the firstRead More

W.O.B Cross Fit

W.O.B Cross Fit 2014 Warriors of Brotherhood Martial Arts Academy Tao Siu Fat Greetings Welcome to the Warriors of Brotherhood Martial Arts Academy (Tao Siu Fat) . This Academy instructs the fundamental principles of traditional, modern and liberated martial arts including, but not limited to the following discipline: Kung Fu. Tai Chi, Philippi no KaliRead More