4 in 10 Teens Admit Texting While Driving

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found kids are still engaging in a range of risky behaviors, despite a reported drop in cigarette use. Today’s teens are distracted behind the wheel, according to a new survey. Though they aren’t smoking cigarettes in high rates, or regularly driving drunk, about 41% of America’s driving teensRead More

Yes, Mila Kunis, WE Are Pregnant

Maybe we can’t physically carry and bear that baby, but we can—and do—share in the pitfalls and joys The road to completing our family was fraught with four years of bad luck and emotional torment. So when we finally got a positive pregnancy test and then made it to the 12-week mark, you know whatRead More

World Cup Refs Run 6 Miles Per Game

Referees rack up the mileage when officiating a soccer match With the FIFA World Cup 2014 kicking off Thursday, pretty much all the attention is going to the greats and the underdogs and the scandals. But what about the refs? In addition to making tough, often unpopular calls, they are undercover athletes, running as muchRead More

Inside the Changing American Diet

An interactive look at what Americans eat–and how much of it–from 1970 to today. As Bryan Walsh notes in this week’s magazine, the decades-long vilification of fat has driven people to eat more sugar and carbohydrates, which new research suggests may be the chief drivers of rising obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Here’s a lookRead More