Your Body On Spicy Foods

While some of us avoid restaurant meal descriptions including words like cayenne, chili, and habanero, others jump on board. And new research suggests there might be a heart-healthy benefit to eating spicy foods. A large study recently published in the journal PLOS One looked at the connection between hot red chili pepper consumption and mortality.Read More

My Aching Heart

My heart aches for my friends (who are MORE than that, they are my brothers) that buried their dad this week. My heart aches for my cousin who buried her son not long ago. My heart aches for my two Sister-friends (one buried her dad and the other buried her mother).  My heart aches for allRead More

Depression May Be As Bad For The Heart As Obesity

Doctors have long known of an association between psychological and physical health, but mental illness wasn’t considered to be a major risk factor for ailments like heart disease, until now. Depression has been linked to physical health risks including digestive disorders, chronic pain, stroke and even early death. Depression is also closely tied to heartRead More

Can you really die of a broken heart?

Dying of a broken heart is “absolutely real,” grief expert David Kessler tells USA TODAY. “I think it’s extremely underdiagnosed. I think it’s more common than we believe.” The scenario plays out most often among elderly couples who have shared a deep and enduring bond for decades, Kessler notes. One spouse passes away, and within days — and sometimes hours — the otherRead More

Talking to Myself

Only after careful thought, consideration and the awakening of my soul, where the conscious and unconscious both met and collided, did it become necessary for me to create a standard to live by.  This sort of growth requires the affirmative over the negatives of never. Posted by Stacie