Man Oh Man

An intellectual with the superhuman ability to touch me without ever having touched me – I’m in awe of his skills, no groupie just proud to know a man of his intense nature. That’s What a Woman Wants!!! by Misha Roth

Life Keeps Moving

I mean, who sets out to be a first generation college graduate when statistics (and people) say it’s highly unlikely given that I was a teenage mother? Who helps those in need regardless of their own needs? Who mentors girls and boys alike because they believe in them? Who studies multiple languages because they enjoyRead More

Learning About Me

After much trauma, a failed marriage, broken friendships and relationships, losing EVERYTHING – I woke up to some harsh, but very true realities. Sex and food had been my vices – some might even call them addictions. I realized why I felt stuck and what was necessary to change the perpetuated cycle for not justRead More

Thinking About Life

I smile through pain and my tears are my prayers.  I am not a quitter but I quit at least five times a day.  I lay down to rest and my sleep is broken.  I wonder who really cares…thinking, all I do is care for others but whose care is authentic for me?  Then IRead More

Thought of Today

Typically you would expect me to come with some rhythmic, thematic poem, a melodic song or a bible verse that somehow relates to my life but today I simply share what’s in my heart and on my mind. It may or may not make sense.  I t may or may not inspire.  It may orRead More

The Link Between Gray Hair and Stress

You were enjoying an otherwise normal day when you spotted it it the bathroom mirror: a gray hair. It stands out like a weed in a sea of carefully-groomed grass. Silently, you admonish yourself: It’s the stress! I shouldn’t have let it get to me! You’ve probably heard that you can stave off the appearanceRead More