Take Away The Pain

Today’s message shares a common thread with every post written in the past, one of hope, of love, of encouragement, of uplift; but most importantly, one that is real and relates to each and every one of us. Pain unexpectedly seems to find us no matter how much we try to dodge it’s grip. HowRead More

Exercise To See Results

Monday: Cycling and upper body resistance training, like arm raises Tuesday: Yoga and lower body resistance training, like squats Wednesday: Running and upper body resistance training, like bench presses Thursday: Rest Friday: Boxing and lower body resistance training, like leg raises Whichever workout you try, however, the most important thing is to keep doing it. “To achieve results, “consistency is key.”

Signs That You’re Actually Healthy

We live in a world where good health is usually equated with a certain kind of appearance. Instagrammers with thigh gaps are held up as exemplars of wellness. “Health” magazines publish cover lines about flat stomachs and getting lean. Reality TV shows celebrate punishing, unsustainable weight loss programs. Yes, some healthy people have flat abs and thigh gaps and thin bodies. But that doesn’tRead More

The 1st New Alzheimer’s Drug In Years

A new promising animal research suggested a drug originally developed to treat diabetes significantly reverses memory loss and brain degeneration in mice with a rodent version of Alzheimer’s disease. If the same is proven true in humans, the drug could one day be used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related illnesses. The drug is calledRead More

On An Emotional Rollercoaster

Sadness, remorse, frustration, need, the appearance of emptiness and even anger causes me to search for a truth beyond what my eyes can see and even beyond what my heart feels.  Brokenness causes me to introspectively study myself – the “why I do what I do”.