What is the meaning of Habari Gani?

Those Swahili words, meaning What’s the News?, may soon become as familiar a holiday message as Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy New Year. For Habari Gani? is the ritual greeting of Kwanzaa and Kwanzaa is the world’s fastest-growing holiday. Olivia Fields    

National Novel Writing Month

Epics run through my life. I loved Milton as a child. I studied classics, earning a PhD, and taught Epic Literature at major universities. I wrote an epic as a children’s book – Nappy Hair – and left academia to pursue a dream of helping others find the epic story within communities and individuals. TodayRead More

EpicCenter Stories

The EpicCenter Stories mission is to promote the arts, enhance creative and critical thinking, and improve literacy. The program uses connected personal stories to develop community epics. An epic is a long narrative that tells the story of a group’s past, present, and future. EpicCenter Stories links the epic development process to learning the subjectsRead More

EpicCenter Stories

Our first and primary goal is to establish a model classrooms in schools and community centers to demonstrate our modules, and begin production of curriculum materials that include: live performances, electronic and face to face instruction, and field trips. We  have recently begun to develop other programs. The first was Epic Publishing. And more recently  a radio broadcast in Takoma RadioRead More

The Learning Maestros

The Learning Maestros provides tools to inspire students, teachers, and adults to explore connections among the arts, sciences, the environment, social conscience, and diverse cultures. Founded by the acclaimed composer and educator Bruce Adolphe and cultural impresario Julian Fifer, TLM assembles scientists, artists, writers, and educators to create interdisciplinary learning guides, music, dialogue, and video for classrooms, cultural institutions, the home, andRead More

Developing Individualized Programs and Modules

Developing Individualized Programs The typical process for developing individualized programs follows this pattern: 1. Develop a Communal Story. A community or group develops a communal story with guidance from an EpicCenter Storyteller. 2. Identify Areas of Focus. The Storyteller works with participants to find places in the story that can be linked to a focusRead More

The Pause Program

PAUSE – the Potomac Anacostia Ultimate Story Exchange is a volunteer mentoring organization that greatly improves reading skills for young readers in the Washington, DC area. All students in the PAUSE program, no matter what the skill level, have improved test scores as a result of their participation. The most recent PAUSE program was startedRead More


Teaching with hip-hop isn’t a new idea, but no one has been able to be as cool at it before. Beans-N-Frank are the cartoon kids who rap lessons over hard-hitting hip-hop beats. The lyrics are as catchy and memorable as Sesame Street songs, but the music sounds like tracks from top 10 hip hop artists.Read More

Carolivia Herron

Best known for her children’s book, Nappy Hair, Carolivia is a novelist, professor, scholar of epic literature, and publisher at Street to Street Epic Publications. Her most recent novel, Asenath and the Origin of Nappy Hair, celebrates four of her great loves: her hometown Washington, DC, her African American Culture, her Jewish heritage, and theRead More