Teacher shortage prompts some states to lower the bar

A teacher shortage has led legislators in several states to lower requirements to become a public school educator. The Wall Street Journal reported that several states, including Minnesota, Arizona, Illinois, Utah, and Kansas, have in various ways revamped the requirements for being a public school educator. For example, Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation “giving localRead More

Carolivia Herron

Today I write and help others see the story within them. I travel the country speaking and leading seminars. I work with educators and schools to help reduce absenteeism and increase graduation rates. I talk to Jewish groups about my unusual Jewish Africana history, speaking on topics as varied as “Why I am not goingRead More

Our Earth

Our Earth is like one single cell in the One Mind of the Universe One cell don’t stop the One Mind from thinking or moving forward No Mind is Greater than IY(Eye)AM It shall be written Itshelbydunn.com Duane A. Garrett Sr.

Musical Connections In Progress

The composer, Bruce Adolphe and Carolivia Herron are planning a new collaboration to create a full-length opera from her book, Always An Olivia. The opera will trace the Olivias from the shores of Tripoli in 1805 to the US Civil War near Portsmouth, Virginia. Carolivia was told this story of her Sephardic Jewish, West African,Read More

Where the Unknown shall be Known

As the story goes a war broke out between the people. The Queen of the Golden haired people was accused of fornication when her child was born with black skin and golden hair. The Aborigines of Aropa were forced from their land and into the sea, sailing west to the Amarica’s and east to Australia.Read More

One Land One King

As time passed a King was born with the height and strength to bend this 12ft branch from the Tree of Life into a Bow as Itym did in the beginning. The people rejoiced and built a Monument of a Lion to honor their New King and the Divine story foretold of Him in theRead More