Connecting Science and Religion


Three days after he fell into this dead like sleep, the Virgin Lily was sent to preserve the seed of Itym Father of mankind. Blowing the Breath of Life back into Itym, resurrecting him from his dead like sleep and taking into herself the seeds of our future. She immaculately conceived a child & theirRead More

Who “IY(Eye)AM”


IY created the week to make you strong so that you may know the difference between right and wrong The Days of the week but not in Greek 1 Sunday for the Sun 2 Monday for the Moon 3 Tuesday for the 2 created on this Earth (He & She) 4 Wednesday for the FourRead More



The Science connecting History and Astrology Monday the Second Day of Time The morning of the Second day, I¥ said, “Let us pull a blanket of darkness over our Sun so that he may sleep”. I¥ then called the darkness into being and I¥ created a Moon, brother to our Sun, so that he wouldRead More