Word to the Wise

Awww!!! This is Beautiful… Now this is how America!!! the Beautiful Suppose to be. Now, if we can get Everyone else on Board then the Rest will be History!!! I’m All in in Joining the Races for Peace & Justice are You??? Theodore Dade

FP YouthOutCry Foundation

FP YouthOutCry Foundation is a 501c3 organization who builds up youth, families and the communities within the City of Newark and surrounding areas. The organization was founded in 2006 by Al-Tariq Best, a native of Newark who grew up in Georgia King Village housing. FP YouthOutCry is one of the more progressive non-profits in theRead More

Thank You All

Season Greetings! ¬† Just a note of thank you to all the wonderful supportive team of Media professionals, that gathered on Friday November 20, 2015, for the Domestic Violence Dinner, hosted by Rev. Al¬†Sharpton, in honor of Author and Motivational Speaker Katrina Walker, held at Mr. Chow’s Restaurant (Private Dinning). The event served to promoteRead More

Richera Brewster Fundraiser

Richera “Tootie” Brewster, also known as “Miss Pearl”, passed away suddenly leaving 3 young children and countless friends and family in morn. Please help us to secure the children’s future by donating to the Richera Brewster Fundraiser at www.youcaring.com. Remember it takes a village! Thank you for your generosity! Richera Alayna Brewster, age 36, ofRead More

Soup Talk – The Greater Good

Soup Talk – The Greater Good By: ERIN N. SIMON Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing 2015 August 27, 2015 America is a country built on the premise of Capitalism. Where was Capitalism conceived? In a very intriguing principle. The economy is what drives capitalism, right? Well, Economists are known as “actors” which I find to be quiteRead More

Eternal life insurance

Medical insurance: covered House insurance: covered Car insurance: covered Burial insurance: covered Eternal life insurance: ??? If this is an example of how you are covered, please continue to look at future posts from me.Yes we have the necessities to live on Earth with coverage from man made insurance policies, but what happens after death?Read More

The “Acursed” Generation

In todays society, major epidemics that seem to cause mass hysteria around the nation have been topics such as racism, homosexuality, religion, the advancement of technology, etc. Although these specific subjects have been no true strangers to controversy initially, for some reason it is causing an unorthodox amount of propaganda. Why does this seem toRead More