Street to Street

Street to Street is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization incorporated in the District of Columbia whose mission is to provide employment, education, and housing opportunities for those in need. How? Street to Street provides education, housing, and job opportunities to at risk youth to foster a stable community. Street To Street’s mission is to “generate a cycle ofRead More

EpicCenter Stories

EpicCenter Stories focuses on personal epics, stories, of children, communities, artists, writers, and individuals in all walks of life. The center’s programs develop and present stories in many contexts including: teaching resources for classrooms workshops to develop community stories storyteller led programs in classrooms a radio program interview with artists and writers performances resulting from storyRead More

Early Readers

Carolivia Herron organized and helped to found the Early Readers Program at Shepherd Elementary School in Washington, DC. In the Early Readers program volunteers read with children before school starts to help the students improve in language arts. Reading skill has been measured before and after program participation, and the students increase in reading skillsRead More

Tracie Anderson

Tracie started her media career at a highly acclaimed agency as an Executive Assistant /Media Apprentice by researching media outlets, collecting industry contacts, formulating verbiage for press releases, assisting with major star-studded events and building positive relationships. Tracie was able to quickly adapt and apply the skills she had developed from her previous positions toRead More

All Lives Matter

In the wake of a weekend of disillusionment and protest regarding the state of Black America, maybe it’s time to really sit down and consider how a city like Washington, DC can take the lead in showcasing to the rest of the country how to best advocate for Black empowerment. In contemplating this issue andRead More

One Love Massive

One Love Massive is a booking agency and boutique marketing firm in DC providing social media management for businesses and artists, and talent management & bookings. We support local business and artists through social media and grassroots marketing. We can handle all of your needs simply, effectively and economically. All of our work is guaranteed,Read More

Marc John Jefferies, The National Economic Empowerment Tour

“One day while sitting with my accountant, I realized that I had earned millions of dollars from movies, television, and endorsement deals since my first role in the film “Losing Isaiah”, says Jefferies. Recognizing that he was more than fortunate to have these opportunities presented to him early in life, Marc also realized that it was his “mindset” that kept his success growing. Through theRead More

Walk One Day In Our Shoes

This Back to School Letter will make you feel less stressed! Hugs & High Fives Everyone: This time last year, I was stressing over the fact that Sneak was entering the 3rd grade in a new school and would be under the care of a new teacher. As the mother of a child who livesRead More

Whats the Solution

@BuffaloCritt- We all know why it happens. But it’s still happening, so what’s the solution? @TalibKweli- The solution is for us to stop cooning and critiquing those who actually do the work with racist talking points and put in the work. This was a conversation between Eric Critt Crittenden and Talib Kweli, on twitter thatRead More