Black365 Calendar in America

Black Fathers www.Black365.US is the only place to go in order to purchase the #1 Black365 Calendar in America. Here are 5 reasons to go to www.Black365.US today! 1. Every purchase supports scholarships for deserving high school students. 2. The Black365 Calendar is 100% owned and operated by individuals who are community conscious. 3. ThisRead More

Street to Street

Until Epic Center Stories receives its own 501c3 designation, its parent organization is Street to Street. Street to Street is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization incorporated in the District of Columbia whose mission is to provide employment, education, and housing opportunities for those in need. How? Street to Street provides education, housing, and job opportunities to atRead More

Workshop Leaders

How do our lives reflect and shape the truths we live with? Epic Center stories insists that there is evidence of all the disciplines that we need to know – history, math, physics, music, dance, poetry – surrounding every individual in her life or in his life, wherever that life is lived. These stories liveRead More

EpicCentering the National Mall

Students of the Shining Stars Montessori charter public school (DCPS) presented essays and drawings as responses to people and the places of the National Mall.  Essays on the Statue of Freedom and events, people and places that represent the National Mall,  1963 March on Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial, the Cherry Blossoms andRead More


Attorney and author Kendall Minter is also co-founder and inaugural Executive Director of the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association (BESLA) and currently serves on its Advisory Board. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Rhythm & Blues Foundation and is the Chairman Emeritus of that organization, is a member of the BoardRead More

Searching For Artists To Design Murals

Do you have what it takes to have your artwork featured in New York City subway stations? The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Arts and Design division is seeking local artists to submit their best designs to be featured in five Brooklyn N train stations, including one in Sunset Park. The MTA said five finalists will haveRead More

The EpicCenter Stories mission

The EpicCenter Stories mission is to promote the arts, enhance creative and critical thinking, and improve literacy. The program uses connected personal stories to develop community epics. An epic is a long narrative that tells the story of a group’s past, present, and future. EpicCenter Stories links the epic development process to learning the subjectsRead More