Hand of Glory Hand of Power

We come together in the day light Hour Together we can do this work all Night Guided by A Living Light This Earth was created to be our Pearl Your falsehood must depart this World And with each Flood She will confound All your falsehoods back into the ground With One History throughout the LandRead More

Investing in Life Insurance

Investing in Life Insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. It is the initiation and guarantee of generational wealth. It is letting your progeny know that you are thinking about their future. It may initiating something that may not have been done for you. Gone are the days when a generationRead More

Set Your Goals

When struggling or identifying area(s) in our lives that need to be transformed, applying these steps WILL transform us!!! Replace alcohol with that vice…lying, stealing, gossiping, fornicating, nasty attitude…let go and Watch God Transform !!! To God be the glory…this IS my story!!! I would love to share anything to help US along life journey!!! Read More

Life Coaching

I did a lot of research and talked to many people. I even went as far as getting coached by a coach and a mentor. I would begin the journey by getting a mentor and doing some reseach because your true path is something that you have to spend time working on and growing into.Read More

I’m Talking to You

It is my hope that you gain an understanding of your own significance to begin embracing who you are and without defining yourself according to failures, successes, generational curses or the like.  Essentially, healing broken women leads to healing and restoration of broken boys, men and prayerfully, families. Stacie J. Whitaker-Harris