Whats the Solution

@BuffaloCritt- We all know why it happens. But it’s still happening, so what’s the solution? @TalibKweli- The solution is for us to stop cooning and critiquing those who actually do the work with racist talking points and put in the work. This was a conversation between Eric Critt Crittenden and Talib Kweli, on twitter thatRead More

Word to the Wise

Awww!!! This is Beautiful… Now this is how America!!! the Beautiful Suppose to be. Now, if we can get Everyone else on Board then the Rest will be History!!! I’m All in in Joining the Races for Peace & Justice are You??? Theodore Dade

What Does Black Lives Matter Want?

Movement Seeks To End Discrimination, Violence After a week that saw two new videos of unarmed black men dying at the hands of law enforcement and police themselves being gunned down by a sniper, the Black Lives Matter social justice movement has come under increased scrutiny. So, to try and simplify things, here’s what Black LivesRead More

Arlene J. Ramsey

Arlene J Ramsey, CEO and Founder of Every 1 Let’s Talk is the author of Newark’s Armadillo, voice over and Self-Wealth Mentor. Her metaphysical approach concerning domestic violence, sexual abuse, communication, problem solving and Mental Illness along with her passion, will to be empathetic and compassion is why she is sought out by schools, non-profitRead More

FP YouthOutCry Foundation

FP YouthOutCry Foundation is a 501c3 organization who builds up youth, families and the communities within the City of Newark and surrounding areas. The organization was founded in 2006 by Al-Tariq Best, a native of Newark who grew up in Georgia King Village housing. FP YouthOutCry is one of the more progressive non-profits in theRead More

Here We Go

And at the same time Every time a new $200 pair of shoes is released we’re supposed to be in line to get them. Methids & Ideas of the past are obsolete we must create new initiatives, new standards give our children the drive and ambition to want to achieve and become instead of beRead More

Carolivia Herron

Best known for her children’s book, Nappy Hair, Carolivia is a novelist, professor, scholar of epic literature, and publisher at Street to Street Epic Publications. Her most recent novel, Asenath and the Origin of Nappy Hair, celebrates four of her great loves: her hometown Washington, DC, her African American Culture, her Jewish heritage, and theRead More

Chef Dom

Born and raised in Saint Marc, Haiti, Dominique, his four siblings and his parents moved to the states when he was just nine years old. While His parents were at work he would head straight for the kitchen to try out new ideas in cooking. When his mom would cook a young Chef Dom wouldRead More

Get fit!

Finding the time and money for gym memberships or personal trainers can be a deterrent in pursuing a healthier lifestyle, but adopting a fitness routine will improve both your physical and mental well-being. Tracking your health and getting fit is right at your fingertips! Adidas Train & Run © Adidas AG Access your personal runningRead More