Dream Lover….

I dream of you every night you hold me close and protect me all night I feel the flesh of your body merged into mine when I want to rise you have my bath ready and even serve me breakfast in bed sometimes you nibble off my flesh the rose on my pillow brings moreRead More


“Freedom to change seems to come after acceptance of ourselves.” Basic Text, p. 58 ––––=–––– Fear and denial are the opposites of acceptance. None of us are perfect, even in our own eyes; all of us have certain traits that, given the chance, we would like to change. We sometimes become overwhelmed when contemplating howRead More

Expressing My Spirit

Our Father has many Attributes about Him that we as His children are to model as followers of Christ..Loving, kind, having patience and today’s biggie for me…FORGIVENESS!!! I know we are not perfect…we say and do things to others that are not right, in midst of our anger, hurt or disappointment and later realize howRead More

A Work in Progress

I don’t regret one moment of the life I’ve lived thus far because all my bad behaviors, foul attitudes, poor choices, ill thinking, bad language – EVERYTHING, all reminds me I am still a work in progress and I can see where I need work. Posted by Stacie

Expression of Me

As peaceful as the day began, does the night conclude. May you reflect upon these words as I have done, remembering, you are not alone and you are greatly loved! Blessings of love, Stacie I AM EMBRACING ME

Life is Good

Each encounter in our lives is an opportunity to grow. Thank you for your insightful perspective and especially for those powerful affirmations that release positive energy back into the atmosphere, while setting boundaries in order to reclaim peace and balance. Posted by Stacie

Talking to Myself

Only after careful thought, consideration and the awakening of my soul, where the conscious and unconscious both met and collided, did it become necessary for me to create a standard to live by.  This sort of growth requires the affirmative over the negatives of never. Posted by Stacie