Not Free until broken…

While lying in the bed this morning I had a gentle reminder of a meditation shared on the prayer line in November of 2015 and again June 2016. My first thought was, “Why? Why broken?” and I heard this, “Pressure means God desires to pull something out in order to pour something greater in”.  IRead More


Great day I’ve been launched into something greater! I am embedded in the heart of God. He is my shield. He is my strength. And just as I am in Him, He also abides within me. He is my core. I don’t regret one moment of the life I’ve lived thus far because all myRead More

A Beautiful Flaw

My children often accuse me of searching for, seeking, finding and seeing the good in bad situations, in people, in places, and in things – especially, life events. Well, as I sit reminiscing about my dearly departed mother, I am reminded of her constant teaching regarding optimism. At an early age she recognized my tenderRead More

Reflections of my heart

First I would like to take a moment and give greetings to each of you for a new, healthy (mentally, physically, & spiritually) year of growth, love that is pure, compassion, creativity, centered with peace, joy, happiness and altogether, wellness and abundance! Last year, 2013 was full of surprises and difficulties ranging from broken relationshipsRead More

Just Life

I have all these post just waiting to be written, completed and published on this site. I am certain that so many others will identify with many if not most of them but it seems, life just keeps happening. Maybe the title of this post reads as if I am going to discuss or teachRead More

I Hear a Voice

Today I hear the beautiful melodious voice of Ella Fitzgerald – she’s not singing, but rather, she’s talking to me. Her words: “Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration I don’t think you can go wrong” See, I’ve spent my lifetime dreaming ofRead More

I Had A Plan

Before I share my plan, I would like to extend seasons greetings to you and your family! Once upon a time I had a plan. One filled with big dreams, high hopes, major expectations, fulfillment and excitement. This plan included a very rigid and structured outline regarding the precise process as well as the mostRead More

Running Slowly

As I reflect over the course of the last year, the last few months, and especially over the last few days; I am at peace with my overall development. In almost 40 years and throughout the course of my life’s journey I learned NOTHING is at it appears. I am humbled and honored that GodRead More


I am not average. Never have been. Can’t be Don’t desire to be. I wasn’t built, created, or made averagely My expectations are through the roof My faith is bigger than the universe My love is forgiving and kind… …it is enormous beyond eternity My heart is warm, inviting, and accepting My strength is greater thanRead More