High Amounts Of Sugar In The Foods You Eat

Sugar lurks in countless unsuspecting foods, including ketchup, granola barssalad dressings, and yogurt. A glass of orange juice has roughly the same amount of sugar as a can of Sprite. Foods such as white rice and white bread may as well be sugar given the effect they have on your body.

“If you go out to fast-food places and you watch them prepare these meals, they’ll put on the order of three cups of rice on the plate — so somewhere around 120 grams of carbs — before any real food has hit the plate,” Edward Damiano, a diabetes researcher and professor of biomedical engineering at Boston University, told Business Insider. “That’s massive: That’s twice the carb load recommended for one person in a single meal.”

It means that even when most of us think we’re eating healthy, we may be consuming lots of carbohydrates that could send our blood-sugar levels through the roof.

This can lead to energy crashes, mood swings and, ironically, sugar cravings. Somestudies also suggest that high-carb, high-sugar diets are strongly tied to weight gain.



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