Nappy Hair- Celebrating Its 20 Year Anniversary

At a family picnic, everyone pokes fun at the youngest girl’s nappy hair. Devised as a call-and-response dialogue, the interchanges offer explanations and comments on why Brenda’s hair is the nappiest, the curliest, the twistiest hair.

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Nappy Hair also asks readers to think about the themes of family, cultural diversity, stereotypes and prejudices, pride, and a sense of self. This guide includes suggestions for using this important book to connect the language arts, social studies, science, and arts curriculum.

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The Author: Dr. Carolivia Herron

Carolivia’s publication include works for children and adults, fiction and non-fiction, and opera libretto.

Herron is best known as the author of the children’s book, Nappy Hair, which caused a major nationwide controversy about multicultural education and is still banned in some communities.

by Paul N. Fonville



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