At home remedies that actually work

Turns out mom was right. Chicken soup is good for a cold.

And that’s not the only old-school remedy that scientists have actually found to be helpful.

Here are nine weird household tricks that you can really use to ward off pain, soothe a cold, calm a headache, and brighten your smile.”

Ginger may also be helpful for relieving gas and indigestion in general, according to Stephen Hanauer, a professor of gastroenterology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

The jury is still out, though: Subsequent studies on duct-tape treatments haven’t been as convincing. If you still want to try it, clean the affected area, cut a piece of duct tape just larger than the wart, and smooth the tape over the skin. Replace the tape every few days until the wart disappears.

For one study, researchers were trying to pinpoint the effect the soup had on inflammation (a common component of colds). They found that chicken soup slowed the movement of neutrophils, the white blood cells that are the hallmark of acute infection. In other words, the soup appeared to help calm down the inflammation that triggers many cold symptoms.



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