Precious Little Girl

I bat my big pretty brown eyes with my lashes quickly opening and shutting


I coo, giggle, laugh and smile reaching out for your ear, your nose and for your eyes


Gently I graze your cheeks with the warmth and the softness of my finger tips


I can see in your eyes that you are proud parents but still, you are afraid


As you cradle me, your baby girl in your arms, I look at you and fear nothing


You smile, realizing that someday soon I’ll grow up,


Learning to crawl, stand, walk and sometimes stumble


But then you see me stand with little bow legs as I learn to run to you


I remember your warming, gentle touch and I see that spark in your eyes


No matter how much I grow you still call me “baby girl”


And that same look resonates in your eyes from when I was a baby


There is no love to replace what I receive from you


No matter the length of my days,


I will never quite explain what I’ve gained from having you in my life


Even if only for a moment

No matter how many years go by, I will always be your precious little girl

By Stacie J. Whitaker-Harris



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