Ridiculous Health Products That You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

Quick fixes and magic pills are just that – they don’t produce long-lasting results that will impact your health and life in the long-term. It’s tempting to assume specific products can get you what you want, be it a slim figure, better sleep, or a clearer mental state.

In reality, obtaining most of these things comes down to a combination of healthy practices, not just dollar signs. Here are some health and fitness products you shouldn’t waste your money on and don’t need to include in your everyday life.

Products like sweat suits and sweat creams claim to help “enhance your workout,” improve your circulation, and make you sweat more, according to one product’s description.

Sweating is the process that helps you stay cool when your body heats up from exercise, hot weather, and even embarrassment, MedlinePlus reports. It is not, as CNN reports, a sign that you’re burning more calories.

Some of the creams are also sold with a belt so people can wear both during their workout. The explanation on the site for on product says, “it takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people might think. And like all energy consuming processes, sweating helps burn calories.”

Although your body does work to burn calories and cool itself down, warming up takes even more energy, according to the Naked Scientists. This energy can help you lose water weight, which you will gain back due to the fact that fat itself is not targetable, Consumers Compare reported.



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