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I’m Bernard Seaborn, UFC Striking Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, and founder of “MittsFits”.  The demand for martial arts infused fitness programs has grown exponentially with the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts entertainment shows like the UFC and Bellator. Traditional martial arts schools and big chain gyms are hanging heavy bags, and adding Cardio Kickboxing to their curriculum.

To prepare fighters for competition, trainers use Open Loop training, which MittsFits is a functional movement personal training program designed to combine the strength, power, coordination, and speed of the professional fighter with the body awareness and versatility of a decathlete. MittsFits is a total training system, prescribed as a primary fitness program, or as a supplement to any regiment. Most fitness programs apply the Closed Loop system, which means predetermined sets and repetitions.

The client knows all the variables in advance.  Mitt work is a core component of a comprehensive fight fitness program. For the average fitness client, MittsFits can function as a toning and conditioning tool, or be used to actively improve coordination, enhance neuromuscular communication, reinforce efficient body mechanics, increase cardio capacity and muscle endurance, and of course, induce weight-loss. The MittsFits program can be modified according to training goals, and individual needs. Set drills are easily progressed to free-style engagement. Fitness clients are more engaged when they are given clear objectives. The style requires the fighter to process information from outside stimuli and react accordingly. The fighter must take information (such as the position of the trainer) and process that information through the central nervous system in order to produce movements to effectively deal with the information (defend and counter). Trainers use Focus Mitts, Thai Pads, and other fight training equipment, to condition speed, power, focus, endurance, agility, and coordinated reflex. Boxing coaches and martial arts instructors use it to methodically introduce the basics, effectively calibrate intermediate techniques, and hone and refine the rhythm and fluidity of advanced practice. MittsFits blends Exercise Science and Martial Arts, resulting in a complete-body progressive system. certified MittsFits Trainer offers clients a fun and effective way to not only reach their fitness goals, but learn something new each session.

by Sifu Dennis Johnson



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