It may be raining but

We all like when the sun shines because we can hang out, go to the beach…
AND, there’s that something special about the sun that invigorates us.  Most of us prefer not to have the cloudy days.  Although we know the rain is necessary for cleansing and for the growth of things we need like the flowers, trees, grass, herbs, fruits and vegetables, we still would rather have the sunshine.
Many of us are the same way in our lives. We want all the good times but stray away from the bad.  We even run at the first sign of trouble not realizing that the bad times are just as important for our growth as the rain is to the earth and all we gain from the sudden down pours.

Embrace the good, the bad, the highs, the lows, the thunder, the lightening, the sudden down pours and the constant drizzles just as much as the sunshine and watch what grows!

by Peter Showers


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