Which month in His Story is Your part of The Never-ending Story?

January The Great Seal +2000 years
His Story of The All Seeing IY(Eye)

February The Water Bearer Now
His Story of The Living Water

March 2 Fish -2000
His Story of Jesus

April The Ram -4000
His Story of Ramoses

May The Bull -6000 years
His Story of Osiris and Isys

June The Twins -8000 years
His Story of Gin & Isys

July The Crab -10,000 years
His Story of The Great Flood

August The Lion -100,000 years
His Story of One Land One King

September The Virgin -1,000,000
His Story of The Reincarnations of Man

October The Scale -10,000,000 years
His Story of The Judgment of Man

November The Scorpion -100,000,000 years
His Story of The Death of Man

December The Archer The Author -1,000,000,000
His Story of The Life of Man
Billions of Years of History
It shall be written



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