History and Education

When it came time when the Second Sun (Rise) would return to judge again the all the hearts of man, I¥ sent Moses to take the Tree out of Egypt , this slanted T-shaped Staff that was burnt but not burnt, commanding him to follow this New Star. He took the people out of Egypt and led them to the base of the Great Mountain sparing the people from the Judgment of the Divine Light. Sounding the Ram horn of Freedom and setting their souls free from the bondage of mortal slavery. He then climbed the Great Mountain and brought back the Power source of the Ark in a box made from the Ark. carving on the outside of the box the words spoken by this Great IY AM Giving them the Four letters for the name of the Creator. However, when Moses tried to show the people His story in the Heavens, they could not see it so they did not believe. Unfortunately, this stiff-necked group of people refused to look up and stayed slaves to the old ways.
It shall be written



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