Once you think you know what it is

Then came the morning of the Seventh day, as He and She sat in the Tree holding tightly to its branches for its protection. They sat and watched as these Twin Suns calm the raging seas. He and She sat and watched as these Twin Suns give new life to Earth like a Mother to a child. Giving Honor to the Sun (Set) as “Father” and this New Star, this Second Sun (Rise) as “Mother”, Children of the Light. He and She sat and watched as these Two Light together commanded the Earth to bring forth grass, herbs yielding seed after their kind creating a Garden of Eden. He and She sat and watched these Twin Suns fill the waters with swarms of living creatures. He and She watched as these Lights created birds, bees flowers and trees. Then He and She sat and watched as this Second Sun (Rise) faded into the night sky, IY said, “Our Sun will be with you always whereas She will return every 2000 years to judge the heart of man on what He is teaching Her Children.” IY said, “This day shall be forever known as Saturday. Remember it as the Sabbath the Seventh Day of Time, the day IY gave you to Sat, Rest and Prepare for Her return”.
It shall be written



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