#Histrology Chapter 9 Taurus the Bull

Infinity’s version of His story
Osiris and Isys

After long meditation and contemplation the twins of Gin & Isys, Shiva set off for Asia and Shiba for Africa to deliver (t)his story of the Tree to Africa and Asia. Shiba doing as she was commanded delivered Itym’s cane now only 6 ft long to Egypt in the Age of the Bull telling the people the Millions of Years of History written in the stars, May Itym’s cane always serve as the Symbol of the Covenant made between Itym and I¥. As time passed stories were being told that the Spirit of Gin had been captured and placed in a Bottle for all times. Over time Gin became just a myth and all of his stories. And for the first time man attempts to rewrite God in his image, building idols of Osiris and Isys calling them the living Gods on Earth then building more idols and more gods soon became idol worshipers; their descendent became the slaves in Egypt.
It shall be written



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