One Land One King

As time passed a King was born with the height and strength to bend this 12ft branch from the Tree of Life into a Bow as Itym did in the beginning. The people rejoiced and built a Monument of a Lion to honor their New King and the Divine story foretold of Him in the night sky. As time continued to pass man started separating himself from other men, all the people that were born absence of color were casted out and told to go live on the Great Mountain. The human race started moving further and further away from the ways I¥ had set before them, I¥ then ask “Why has your countenance fallen are you not living in peace”. Humankind had begins to lose their height & statue when I¥ looked down at into the heart of Man, he had started himself down that dark path of Discrimination. The people became lazy and not wanting to work the land themselves told these albinos “We made you and you will work the land for us”, making them the first slave. When this race of albino’s refuse to work the land any longer, the people said “Use the Tree to Kill them All” the King refused he remembered the Covenant made between Itym and I¥, never to use the Tree to kill another human being.
It shall be written



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