Penny for your Thoughts

The Cancer called Discrimination
The Great Flood
Time came again for the Rising of the Second Sun, I¥ said to the King, “The End of all flesh has come before Me the tongue and the heart of Man has become evil and this Earth is filled with Violence and Jealousy. I¥ must destroy this evil with the Earth and all those who do not remember His Story”. I¥ then commanded the King to build an Ark and take the Covenant into the Ark to keep this 12 ft pole safe. He summoned his wisest Kings and commanded them to bring to him a male and female of all animals ever created. It had been decided that I¥ would destroy this evil to separate man because of skin color and IY will create a New Earth where children of earth can live in peace. Then I¥ sent down the rain flooding the Land of Yit, ripping apart this once powerful land, leaving the Crabs to eat away the evil left at the bottom of the seas. IY said “Let the Rainbow serve as a reminder that “All colors can live together”.
It shall be written



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