A Prayer for Today

God of love, maker of all things, it is my desire to be the earthly vessel that you have designed to fulfill the purpose for which you have created me.  I pray for strength and courage as I walk with purpose.  Use me as a light and servant to draw others to your love, healing, deliverance and kindness.  Use me to be my brother and my sisters keeper as I encourage them to live a life pleasing and acceptable according to your word by living as your word says I ought.  Lord, use me to stand in the gap for those who are burdened, lost and of a low countenance.  Use me to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, assist the elderly and to teach the children.  Use the gifts you imparted in me to stir up gifts in others.  In the process of using me, Lord, I pray to be made better, to be made whole, to remain humble and faithful that you may do the increase in my life and in the lives of others. In Jesus name, Amen


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