Just Life

I have all these post just waiting to be written, completed and published on this site. I am certain that so many others will identify with many if not most of them but it seems, life just keeps happening. Maybe the title of this post reads as if I am going to discuss or teach on living a just life, but that is not my thought for today. I simple want to say, no matter who you are, what degrees you have obtained, how many countries you’ve traveled to, what position you hold at your job, church or community, it is inevitable that life will just keep happening.

What do I mean by that? I mean as a loving Mother of three of God’s greatest gifts to me (my Jewels), as a Minister, Teacher, Preacher, leader, servant, friend and all the other hats I wear, there comes great responsibility. Regardless of whatever “monkey wrenches” are thrown my way I have to remind myself that it’s just life and because life will keep happening I must not get stuck in the twist of “the monkey wrenches”.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done…at least initially anyway! Listen, I had to go through some tough courses simply so I could be an example of just living so I can just live a just life! So I am ready to share through this blog the many lessons I’ve learned during my writing sabbatical (definition: extended period of leave from ones normal work) Why? Because:

Somebody’s freedom is contingent upon my ability to break free & remain free!

Somebody’s hope is reliant on my hope!

Somebody’s press depends on my press!

Somebody’s breakthrough needs my breakout!

Somebody’s healing is tied to my healing!

Somebody’s heart needs my heart in order to live!

I am NOT an island but I AM CHOSEN TO JUST BE!

I am the apple of God’s eye (by the way, so are you!)

Stand firm in what you believe regardless of a life that is sure and certain to keep being.

Remember, I love you, I truly love you, but God will always love you best. I’m praying for you!

Blessings in abundance,




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