Knowing your faith

The word faith continues to enter my mind and be a constant thought. And as I continue to ponder on this word, these thoughts come to mind:

For starters, I believe it is a verb because faith promotes action, whether it means being still or stepping forth. Faith involves action.

Faith also promotes having complete trust in someone or something, whether it relates to having total trust in God or total trust in a particular person or object. One cannot escape having or promoting faith.

I guess my biggest thought or biggest question would be how one goes about putting forth his or her faith? It’s just so amazing to me how faith entails a different action for each season in an individual’s life.

I know for me, personally, it has involved being still, it has involved speaking up so my voice and desires can be heard, it has involved stepping out and going into unfamiliar and/or challenging places, and it has also involved an eager anticipation to see the end result of my faith.

Yet, through it all, at the end of the day, faith involves one’s choice to simply believe in the unseen, and to some degree, the unknown and the unexpected.
No matter who we are in life, and where we believe we are going in the process, one will always promote or incorporate faith.



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