Interruption: Shae’s Search – Novel

Romantic Drama, involving a girl named Shae, who is a teen prodigy and has difficulty figuring out life. Living in Brooklyn, with her neglectful mother Chanelle, is no easy feat considering she is willing to do whatever is necessary to live in opulence. Chanelle’s money over everything attitude exposes Shae to a world of trouble. Henry, an almost billionaire, is engaged to her mother, but is determined to sample Shae as well. How far will he go in pursuit of her?

Desperately trying to get away, Shae stumbles across the paths of four year old twins, who may offer her the opportunity for a change of life and a chance to experience love. In caring for the twins, Shae meets Ramon and prays he is the answer to her life’s questions. Will love ever consistently become a part of Shae’s life, or will she constantly become a victim of interruption?




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