Teaching with hip-hop isn’t a new idea, but no one has been able to be as cool at it before. Beans-N-Frank are the cartoon kids who rap lessons over hard-hitting hip-hop beats. The lyrics are as catchy and memorable as Sesame Street songs, but the music sounds like tracks from top 10 hip hop artists. Our performances are high-energy, engaging, and educational. We specialize in assemblies and birthday parties where the mascots are children’s favorite party hosts.

Our creators, Mark Bmore Davis, and David Washington are veteran educators and human service workers. They created Beans-N-Frank as a tool that teachers can use to have fun in their classrooms while teaching and practicing basic skills.

Our songs and performances meet the necessary requirements for Title One and Common Core Guidelines for Early Learners. Book a performance today by emailing or inboxing us at Beans-N-Frank will also be featured on the network thanks to Mr. Will Carter.

by Perry Mayweather



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