Insurance Policy

Yesterday I spoke about insurance policy. The simplest definition of it is a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality. The synonyms include words such as protection, defense, safeguard, security, hedge, precaution, provision, surety. All these words are used to provide comfort, assurance, and make you feel that everything is going to be ok now that you are physically covered. But what about that which you hands can’t hold but is within you? If you don’t know what I’m speaking of I’m talking about your spirit, your soul, that which is present is reading this and without it there would be loved ones surrounding you crying and planning a funeral. In fact put your hand in front of you’re face and blow on it. That air that you feel on your hand is what life produced. What you dress up, get haircut or hair styles, bathe, exercise, perfume or oil~ the outer skin, the flesh, which is your body is a temporary holding place for your spirit. In fact, it is loaned to you. from dust you were created, and there you shall return. When someone dies, what everyone views at funerals is the shell. We write rih our rip on people cards or saying them during prayers that may last at that moment of the mourning process and take no account for our own spiritual insurance. In fact, we can’t be sure that out loved one will rest in Heaven or in peace. Especially if they didn’t lock in their spiritual insurance which only comes through confession. A heart knowing that things are beyond the control of man, and even carefully planning things, everything is beyond your control. A confession that is so powerful, that a thief believing at his time of death made an open confession and gain a place in Heaven. He didn’t pay any tithes, he didn’t go and put on a fancy suit and tie and danced around singing gospel songs. He didn’t get baptized and the water. He believed with his heart and confessed that Jesus is the Lord, and there, right there he was saved. No I’m not promoting people to not go to church, I’m not promoting you to not get baptized. I’m not promoting you to withhold your cash. My main concern is whether your spiritual insurance policy is locked in. The other things I will explain to you at later days and time, but I want to freely share with you the Who, what, why, when and how’s of why things are the way they are, and what can done to make sure that you won’t spend eternity in Hell. I know that this is a lot to take in, but look around, good and evil exists, Heaven and Hell is real, as well as there is a God and there is satan. Want to know more? Meet with me tomorrow and I’ll take you on a trip to the beginning. Be blessed~ kisha



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